Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Belated New Year...

Okay, so I was not planning to to post any pictures from our holiday, but thought you had to see this. In addition, I wanted to wish everyone a belated Happy New Years!

Until next time...Jenn

Doggie Birthday Party....

So today, Cosmo and I attended a universal doggie birthday party. He got a fun present and a chance to chase some tail if you will.
We had the best time and, no, the other participants are doggie obsessed, which is what comes to mind when you think of throwing your dog a b-day party.

It was basically a Dog Lovers event. I had heard of the group before, but never had the opportunity to participate. So today given we were free as birds we decided to join in the fun. Cosmo is now taking his afternoon nap. Hope your Monday is going as well as ours did!

Until next time...Jenn

Friday, January 22, 2010

At Long Last...

Hello friends - So, yes I've been really unmotivated for blog writing for some reason. I think I'm starting to think life is rather ordinary and not all that noteworthy. However, we do definitely owe you a full documentation of Cambodia, which was one of my very favorite trips I've ever been on. I'm sorry to say, this blog is not that one. I did want to share a few fun things about what's been going on with us though in case you're still reading.

As John's mentioned in our Thailand post, we went on a trip in November for John's birthday. Then as soon as we got home we hosted our 2nd annual Tokyo Thanksgiving, which was so much fun. After that, my dear friend Sandy came to visit us. She left and then we headed back to Texas for the holidays and now we're back in Tokyo and getting into our routine again.

So while Sandy was here, we hit up some great places - old and new. This pic is us at Miyajima. We also went to Hiroshima and Kyoto. My favorite part of our visit was all the yummy restaurants that we got to try and let's not forget the shopping locations that we discovered. Sandy and her friend Kathryn, who also tagged along are big foodies, which I got to benefit from.

We had the best time and you can that too obvious a plug for visitors?
And now that I'm back there are few things that I'm hoping to do in this the new year. You know, along with working out and eating better and cooking more I'm going to make a bigger effort to participate in activities that are put on by this women's association that I joined last year. So, to get off to a good start I joined the hiking group - yes, go me. I figured we bought all that gear for Fuji (really just boots and backpacks), so I might as well get a bit more use out of it...impressive I know - me thinking about using my resources. Anyway, I had the best time and the landscape was amazing. John and I hadn't made it to this area (being Shimoda or the Izu Peninsula) before so it was such a nice time.

As always I'm attaching some slides for your viewing pleasure.

Until next time...Jenn