Sunday, March 6, 2011


So as I mentioned in the prior post, John and I decided to take one last trip as a family of two (and one puppy of course). Since I'm large and in charge these days we decided to go to the beach in Thailand to just rest and relax and enjoy the sunshine. We had the best time and I just thought we'd share some of the fun pictures.

You'll see the police boat in the pictures that was deposited really far inland by the huge tsunami. It's hard to imagine something like that happening. We stayed in Khao Lak, which was the hardest hit in Thailand. So sad to think about, but the town has really bounced back, which was a good thing to see.

We got back yesterday to Tokyo and it snowed this morning.....I want to go back to the sunshine!

Hong Kong Shower of Love

John and I took one more vacation or more commonly known as our babymoon. But we decided to stop in Hong Kong on our way to visit with some very dear friends of ours. And they threw me a very special shower to celebrate Baby Stanley. Here are some pictures of the fun and a few of our outing to Macau while we were in the area.

Thank you so much Allie and you both so much!

Until next time...Jenn