Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's a small world after all....

So, my awesome friend Annemarie had two free tickets to Disney, and was nice enough to invite me along. As John declared he would never put himself through Disney, this was the perfect opportunity to go. We went on a random Tuesday and guess was ridiculously PACKED. The waits were 2-3 hours, so after an entire day we were happy to have ridden 4 rides. It was crazy.

I guess in general Tokyo Disney is cheaper to get into, so everyone and I mean absolutely everyone buys a souvenir at the very beginning and wears it throughout the day. And I'm not talking just about the kiddos. Every adult, teenager and child had Mickey ears or crazy Donald hats or something that let you know you were in was awesome.

As always, I've attached a few pics for your viewing pleasure....enjoy.

Until next time...Jenn