Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let the Sayonara's Begin...

So, I have to say the blog has been a bit defunct this past year. After 3 years of life in Tokyo things here don't quite catch us anymore as being all that strange or different like they did when we first arrived. And let's face it, we've been so entrenched in our lives and friends and most of all Sophie that the blog got put on the major back burner. Well, now that most likely no one is still out there reading I'm going to resurrect it for our last months in the land of the rising sun.

The Stanley's are saying sayonara to Japan in December. We're moving back to Dallas, Texas! We both have such mixed emotions, sad to be leaving our friends here and life as we currently know it but excited about the next chapter and going back to the land of English speaking. So for the next little while we're going to share with you some of our favorite things and be on the lookout for the interesting or bizarre in our every day lives that we'll miss.

Sayonara - - -

Nissin, our favorite International Grocery Store - oh how we will miss your home delivery. What will I do now that I have to actually haul my own groceries?

Conveyor Belt Sushi Place - no matter that we've NEVER called this restaurant by name we have loved popping in and grabbing some yummy sushi for both big meals and a friendly afternoon snack

Here are a few other pics of interesting things we're going to miss.

Until next time...Jenn


Pink Ice Princess said...

Great blog! I know you will miss so many things but we will be glad to have you back stateside :).

Taylor said...

I am still reading! So glad to hear you're headed back!!!