Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Asakusa Adventure....one more time

So, two weekends ago (yep, despite my best efforts the blog is still running behind), John and I took Sophie to the shrine in Asakusa. We went so that I could pick up a few more pottery items to take home with us and ended up getting yet another kitchen knife for John to play with. This one even says our name on it....fancy, right.

It just seems so strange going places when we know that we'll never be there again. After taking a million and one visitors there this was our last time to walk through all the souvenir stands and pick our way over to Kappabachi, the kitchen area and see all the restaurant wares to be had. We ate at this reportedly famous unagi (eel) restaurant that I discovered on a previous tourist trip. It was really great!

Here a few pictures to capture this, our last trip to Asakusa. Sayonara.

Until next time...Jenn

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